Redemption Group Immersion

Redemption Group Immersion™ is a Redemption Group™ experience packed into a few days—an intense small group where participants experience the transforming love of God in life’s deepest areas of sin and suffering.

If you’re a Redemption Group leader, or aspiring to be, an Immersion is a core experiential training where your learning and skill development happens through personal growth and transformation in the Redeemer’s love, within a real-life, deeply relational setting. It’s the single best preparation for you to guide others through the group process one day.

But it’s not just a leadership training event. It’s really for anyone, especially if you feel stuck in one of life’s ruts and want to experience a fresh encounter with the God of rescuing and empowering grace.

Soon after returning from the Immersion, we launched our next round of Redemption Groups. After our first night, we debriefed as leaders and the word that best described how we felt was “giddy”. Never [before] had our groups experienced as much closeness as they did on this one night.

—Mike Keogh, Sovereign Hope Church, Missoula, Montana

For churches developing their own Redemption Groups ministries, having a core team of leaders go through an Immersion is a key part of the ministry development process. For the rest of the process, read here.

Why Redemption Group Immersion as Leader Training?

Time and trial have proven that the most effective way to prepare Redemption Group leaders is for them to first be immersed in the experience themselves. There are some things that are caught more than taught: this is one of them.

Learning to minister effectively to others involves being personally transformed—head, heart and hands:

  • head — ongoing renewal of the mind, learning to think God’s thoughts about his character and ways, about people and our many problems, and how God’s grace meets people’s needs amidst this complex world.
  • heart — getting in touch with your own need for God’s grace and mercy, receiving and being transformed by God’s love yourself, and extending his love to others
  • hands — loving others and extending God’s love skillfully, wisely

The content that infuses Redemption Groups aims to renew the mind and reach the heart.

The process of a Redemption Group Immersion is an experience focused on the heart—your heart. And normally, group participants also grow in skill (hands) as a natural by-product of spending time engaging with another with guidance from experienced group leaders.

When and Where are Redemption Group Immersions?

Immersions are hosted by churches from time to time in various places. Have a look at our list of upcoming events. To be alerted to new events as they become available, sign up for our mailing list.

I’m on my way to an Immersion. How do I prepare?

Here are some guidelines for preparing to participate in a Redemption Group Immersion.