Teaching Samples

Here are some samples of Redemption Group main session teachings.

Typically, Redemption Groups are run as a weekly program in a local church with each session beginning with a 30–45 minute main session. Everyone, men and women from all groups, gather together for this time of teaching and sometimes worship in song. After the main session, group time begins (usually an hour and a half or two hours), with each group meeting in a separate space.

These video and audio samples show what kind of teaching would be typical in those gathered main sessions. They are listed in order, with the first three covering the content of the Introduction of the book, and the rest covering the rest of book: each teaching covers one chapter in the book, in order.

1. God’s Story

2. Jesus our Redemption

3. All of Life is Worship

4. When You Suffer, God is Near

5. Bricks Without Straw: How Long, Oh Lord?

6. The Passover: At Your Worst, God Gives His Best

7. Crossing The Red Sea: Into a New Life Without Shame

8. Demanding Manna: The Subtle Significance of Everyday Desires

9. The Golden Calf: Volunteering for Slavery

10. The Covenant Keeping God: Our Only Hope for Lasting Change

11. Is God Your Promised Land?