Redemption Group Immersion

Redemption Group Immersion™

Redemption Group Immersion™ is an intense training for aspiring Redemption Group leaders, usually lasting three or four consecutive days. Each trainee participates in a live Redemption Group as a regular participant. A typical group experience, normally spaced over ten to twelve weeks is packed into a few days, amounting to about three sessions per day.

Immersions are a necessary training and certification step for churches and ministries planning to launch their own Redemption Groups. For the rest of the process, read here.

Why Redemption Group Immersion?

Time and trial have proven that by far the most effective way to prepare Redemption Group leaders is for them to first be immersed in the experience themselves. There are some things that are caught more than taught: this is one of them. Trainees could spend months or even years in advanced classroom-like training settings and not yet be effective group leaders. But for those who are already moderately equipped with appropriate biblical knowledge, personal maturity, and some spiritual leadership experience can, in such a training experience, gain the practical know-how and sense for the Spirit’s leading to make them ready for effective Redemption Group leadership.

Who else is Redemption Group Immersion for?

An additional benefit of this mode of training is that is often good for leaders in other areas of church ministry (such as lead pastors, or Community Group leaders) to cross-train in Redemption Groups for more effective personal ministry in their primary roles. It can be difficult for such leaders, already committed to their primary ministry responsibilities to also go through a quarter-long Redemption Group. For those leaders, a week long intensive is an equally beneficial alternative that fits into a single week on the calendar.

When and Where is Redemption Group Immersion?

Since March 2010, Mars Hill Church has hosted one Immersion per year in January or March in Seattle. There have also been a few other Immersions in Missouri, Texas and Nebraska. A primary goal of The Redemption Group Network is to provide many more opportunities in more locations.

To hear about those opportunities when they become available, be sure to sign up on the Redemption Groups e-mail list in the upper right of any page on this site. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook.

How do we (a church or ministry) get our leaders into an Immersion for training to launch Redemption Groups?

If you’d like to launch Redemption Groups at your church, follow the ministry application process here. One part of that process is participation in one or more Redemption Group Immersions, but an Immersion is usually not the first step to be taken.

What’s the difference between an “orienting” Immersion and a “qualifying” Immersion?

Normally, a church first applies to the Redemption Group Network, and then upon acceptance of the application, is considered a candidate for placement in a “qualifying” Immersion. This means that if their team receives an adequate number of leadership recommendations at that Immersion, they will be approved and licensed to launch Redemption Groups.

An “orienting” Immersion is what we call it when a church wants to have some participants attend an Immersion as part of getting familiar with Redemption Groups before committing to the application process. The Immersion experience itself is identical; the only difference is their status in the process. Upon completion of the Immersion, they are not yet eligible to launch Redemption Groups until after completing the rest of application process, and possibly returning for a second “qualifying” Immersion.

Demand for Immersions usually exceeds supply and priority goes to organizations who’ve already completed the application process and are ready for a “qualifying” Immersion.

Those churches who’ve done the best job of equipping their people to launch Redemption Groups have normally gone through two to four rounds of Immersion before launching.

How do I (an individual) get into an Immersion for personal edification?

While Immersions are primarily for training leaders in partner churches and ministries, there are sometimes spaces available for individuals who are not affiliated with a partner ministry but would like to attend for personal edification. Individuals may apply here.

I’m on my way to an Immersion. How do I prepare?

Here are some guidelines for preparing to participate in a Redemption Group Immersion.