“Immersion Was Different”

Here is another testimonial from a Redemption Group Leader in a local church after a team from her church participated in a Redemption Group Immersion.

I am so grateful that our church had the opportunity to go through the Redemption Immersion. Putting feet to the words we read in Mike’s book was extremely helpful. When we did our soft launch earlier this year, I don’t think I fully grasped the magnitude of what Redemption was intended to be and/or could be. This is not to say our first run through the Redemption series on our own lacked intensity; but the Immersion was different. It was weightier.

I think it was crucial for me to participate as it peeled back layers of sin in my life that I didn’t know were there. It also broke me of pride that I had thinking I was even a little bit capable of leading a group on my own. The immersion further proved that every bit of the group dynamic is the Holy Spirit’s domain.

As a potential leader, the immersion filled in the blanks for me. I was in a group with experienced leaders who provided examples of what it looks like to facilitate a profitable group experience while relying completely and whole heartedly on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

I think it is so important to have future leaders of Redemption Groups participate in at least one of these weekends. If for nothing else, than to ensure that Jesus is given more glory.

This church was part of our initial beta program when some churches attempted to launch groups with an Immersion and some without. Based on the results of those trials, Immersion is now a requirement for any newcomer to the Redemption Group Network. To find out what else is involved in launching Redemption Groups in your church or ministry, read here. To read another before-and-after story like this one, click here.

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