Two Interviews: Mark Driscoll and Desiring God

I recently was interviewed by Desiring God for their blog and Mark Driscoll for The Resurgence blog. Here are links to those interviews and the questions I answered.

Mark Driscoll Interview

  • What events in your life and ministry led to the writing of this book?
  • What are some friends and influences who helped to shape your thinking for Redemption?
  • What are you hoping the book does both for individuals and churches/ministries?
  • How is the approach you are taking in the book different than other Christian teaching on life change?
  • How has God worked in your life as you’ve taught this content and written this book?

Desiring God Interview

  • Who is this book written for?
  • Your book addresses both the sins we commit and the suffering we encounter in life—addictions and abuses. How are these two themes connected?
  • The outline of your book follows the outline of the Book of Exodus. Why have you ordered it that way?
  • Why did you write this book? What, if anything, does it offer that is not already out there?
  • What do you hope people will learn about God from this book?

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